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Mobli app allows easy live-streaming, but some say it could threaten traditional news

Mobli screenshot. June 5, 2014
Mobli screenshot. June 5, 2014

A social media app called Mobli now lets users freely broadcast a live-stream from their phones. The apps new upgrade to Mobli 4.0 makes it easy for virtually anyone to live-stream an event to his or her followers who can watch for free on the social network.

But Tech Times says more people having the ability to become citizen journalists could further jeopardize jobs at traditional news organizations.

“… Upgrades like the one being given to Mobli just make it even easier for regular people to catch high quality video of news events as they unfold and instantly broadcast the work live.”

CIO Today also pointed to potential job losses, especially in areas including entertainment news, and even ethical problems the app may pose to news orgs. Rob Enderle, principal analyst at The Enderle Group, brought up the Donald Sterling scandal to CIO Today.

“[He] was clearly set up by the woman that taped him and it turned into a massive news story with national coverage worth millions to news organizations in ad revenue … The ethics of manufacturing news will likely be sorely tested in the coming years and, given history, I doubt those on the wrong side of this will be pleased.”