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Journos talk using new, live video-streaming app Meerkat

Apps that let you broadcast video is nothing new.

In 2013, social media app Pheed reportedly let users live-stream video to other users. More recently, another app, called Mobli (which is said to have acquired Pheed) claimed it let users do the same.

Neither seemed to attract much attention from journalists. But the new app, Meerkat, looks like it already has since reportedly arriving on the Apple App Store just last month.

Poynter talked to a reporter that has already used the app, which boasts it “allows you to stream live video from your phone to all of your Twitter followers at once.”

In an email, tech writer Monica Guzman told Poynter, “On the surface, it looks like a really great tool for breaking news and developing news.”

Poynter also talked to TV anchor Amy Wood, who emailed the blog saying she had already used Meerkat for breaking news and that it’s easy to use for those already on Twitter.


Other publications that have tried Meerkat shared their expressive with Digiday.

One of them, the BBC, used Meerkrat to cover the aftermath of the recent police shootings in Ferguson. Missouri.

BBC reporter Franz Strasser told Digiday, “We’re still not entirely convinced this is the best option, but we’re willing in trying out all these different platforms.”

Another was Mashable, which, at this year’s SXSW, used the app to interview people and give tours of Austin, Texas. Areas of improvement, Mashable Collective’s Jeff Petriello told Digiday, were “lighting and sound.”