Twitter account for sports blogs Deadspin, SB Nation suspended

Looks like tweeting a 15-second clip, or in this case a “highlight,” of a professorial sports match-up could get you in copyright trouble.

Sports blog Deadspin, owned by Gawker Media, got its @Deadspin Twitter account suspended after the feed reportedly featured NFL highlights, in the form of GIFs and videos, without permission.

In an article dated yesterday, John Cook, Gawker Media Executive Editor, told Re/code that the “deactivation” was appealed:

“We got 18 takedown notices about 16 tweets. All of the tweets included GIFs, and all of the requests were filed by the NFL,” Cook wrote in an email. “The account was reinstated after we appealed the deactivation. The tweets in question are still up, but Twitter has of its own accord stripped them of the allegedly offending GIFs. All in all, the account was, in Twitter’s words, ‘permanently suspended’ from 5:30 pm to 7:45 pm [EST].”

It’s unclear what “tweets in question” Cook was referring to, but here is one NFL GIF dated as of last Sunday:

Re/code also reported that the account for @SBNationGIF, managed by Vox Media’s SB Nation, was suspended last weekend after “GIFs of college football highlights” were posted on the account.

Vox Media told Re/code:

SB Nation received an email from Twitter notifying us that the @SBNationGIF account had been suspended, due to a DMCA notice Twitter received related to several gifs and vines sent from the @SBNationGIF account, which contained content from college football game broadcasts. The DMCA notice came from XOS Digital, a third party rights organization. We are working with Twitter to resolve the issue and restore the account. All other SB Nation accounts are in good standing. We take copyright infringement issues seriously and always try to keep our use of unlicensed third party footage within the bounds of fair use.

As of Tuesday, the @SBNationGIF account remains suspended.

Disclosure: Re/code noted it is owned by Vox Media


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