’s Paul Ronzheimer Periscope Syrian refugee’s travels

When live stream app Periscope launched, it was unclear if journalists would stick with the platform.

But it appears some in the journalism world have done so, and one reporter who is putting Periscope to very good use is Paul Ronzheimer, of German publication

Ronzheimer has been joining Syrian refugees on buses, at bus stations and on long walks during their trip through Europe.

Here are some screenshots:

The camera was on, whether his subjects were awake or not

Periscope allows viewers to post their questions to be answered by the person live streaming

Ronzheimer’s work revealed that those making the trip included young children

Replays of the live broadcasts he did yesterday and today are currently available to be viewed by downloading the Periscope app, signing in with your Twitter handle, and searching for Paul Ronzheimer, though the videos will likely vanish in 24 hours.

Alternatively, here is a link to his most recent broadcast.


LA Times Snapchats first day of school

For some, school is back in session. And kids aren’t the only ones Snapchatting in the halls.

LA Times’ Sonali Kohli was on hand at various local schools where the reporter using the platform to cover their first day. A video on the Times’ site features apparently a copy of the Snapchat video that might offer some ideas to others wishing to Snapchat schools’ first day of classes.