HipHopDX, post-Michael Brown decision, retweets celebs nearly 150 times

The line between rap music and activism against police brutality is paper-thin. Look no further than the N.W.A. classic “F**k tha Police.”

Rap aficionados may already know of the close relationship, but it’s fair to say no one expected online rap publication to take to their Twitter like they did the night of the Michael Brown decision, in which police officer Darren Wilson was not indicted.

HipHopDX went basically nonstop in retweeting musicians thoughts on the decision. In the hours following the news, the site shot out nearly 150 retweets from musicians ranging from rapper Nas to Pharrell, and other public figures.

Hip hop dx nas retweet

hip hop dx pharell retweet

XXL, @XXL, and The Source, @TheSource, two other hip-hop publications, followed suit, but both did not retweet nearly as much as HipHopDX.

For those looking for more of HipHopDX retweeting spree, here is a Storify including original tweets, which is apparently all Storify allows, that HipHopDX retweeted.


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